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Super Mario Sunshine doesn't seem like Mario.

To those who say that Super Mario Sunshine lacks a certain Mario flavor, I admit that there is something to that. Not a whole lot in the way of goombas or thwomps, for instance. However, I also feel there are a lot of things from older Mario games found in Super Mario Sunshine that weren't to be found in Super Mario 64, and I'm not even done with the game yet. Only fair to give them a mention.

  • More remixes of classic Mario tunes.
  • Bloopers (the squid)
  • Cheep Cheeps (the fish)
  • Springboards
  • Chain fences
  • Breakable floating brick blocks
  • Playable Yoshi
  • Spin jump
  • Bonus stage backgrounds show things such as old Mario sprites, or designs that look very Yoshi's Island

    September 16, 2002

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