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The Anicro Desapro page has moved slightly. I wanted to leave this page up because it has some images/info I haven't made newer versions of for the new page, plus I'm a pack rat. It's just come to my attention that at least some people know of this URL but not the new one, so I thought I'd better put up a link.

Anicro Desapro
Animal Crossing Design Aid Program

In short, Anicro Desapro is an in-the-works utility to help people make the most of out Animal Crossing's designs. I was initially frustrated when looking for designs and seeing incorrect palettes or far too many colors used, so I decided to do something about it.

Anicro Desapro takes a 32x32 image, and displays how it would best fit within the constraints of the sixteen different 15-color palettes available in Animal Crossing, as well as suggests which were overall the closest fits. You can then pick one of these, and a larger guide for manual copying into the game pops up, with several adjustments available. As for sharing with other people, for now I've just left it up to the individual to do what he or she pleases; Print Screen and crop down to what you want, as I've done below. Perhaps I'll add something in the future, but it's not a priority.

Most of the functionality I wanted from the beginning is in there, it's largely cleaning up of the forms, renaming buttons, things like that that need to be done. However, there are 2 key things I really need help with to bring this to a releasable point: 1: Palettes 3-7. I grabbed the others from a video posted at IGN's Animal Crossing board, but these palettes were not in the video. Goodish quality screens/video of this would be very much helpful. 2: Someone to compile the thing. I've made this using VB5CCE, the mostly-functional freely downloadable version of Visual Basic 5. The options for others to be able to use the program is either that someone with a fully functional VB will do this, or everyone who wants to use this program will need to get VB5CCE and just use the source code.

But what have I so far? Here are a few example images. JPEG versions have larger file sizes and lower quality, but I know PNG isn't as widely supported as it ought to be.

My grandparent's dog Toby shown in the array of palettes. JPEG PNG
Larger version of one of the palettes, along with numbers as an extra aid. I've actually put this design in the game, and though it took time it actually looks quite decent. JPEG PNG
Respected and feared creature of lore, Hiroshi Yamauchi. JPEG PNG
Yamauchi in the larger guide. This time smaller, no numbers, and split into quarters. JPEG PNG

October 6 update
Here are some examples using the fuller and improved palette data.
This shows the image, and how best it fits into the 16 palettes. For every pixel, it chooses the closest color in that palette. JPEG PNG
This is one of those blown up into a bigger version. JPEG PNG
This again shows how the images fit into the palettes, but uses the alternate color chooser. It gets the 2 closest colors for every pixel, and randomly chooses between them; the odds for each determined by how close they are. I don't think it helps very often at size 32x32 and pretty much comes out looking really speckly, but that doesn't mean either that I have a good reason to take it out of the program now that it's there. JPEG PNG

Joshua SloneProTH